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Awaken Your Creativity Through Design-Think

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Date(s) - 20/08/2016
9:00 am

Zorba The Buddha , South Delhi


Become more creative. Why just design things, when you can use design-think to transform your self.

This is the first time in the world that the discipline of Design is being used for inner transformation. Aided with meditation techniques, Design-Think can make you more creative. More intelligent. More beautiful. More aware. More loving, More delightful.

Fascinatingly, it will also have the same effect on the world around you.

In your work and personal life, you increasingly find challenges to which you have no answers. In the face of such demanding situations, all your education, skills and experience seem to pale. In moments like these you seek a new kind of breakthrough. One which sparkles with tremendous creativity, innovation and imagination.

Design is the fundamental knack of finding such breakthroughs in your life: Of finding responses which are creative, intelligent, and outstanding.

This creativity that Design awakens in you, transforms your life into a celebration.

As Osho says:

“Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how you look at things.

“Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing it is not purely economical, then it is creative. If you have something growing out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine.

“You become more divine as you become more creative.”

Eight Fold Path of Design:

The eight-fold path of this unique workshop on Design is as follows:

1.Call of the Design-Koan:

Our life is filled with paradox. Inspired by Zen koans, we identify and take on real-world challenges from life that are seemingly tough or even impossible to solve.

2.Discover the 21-Petalled Lotus of Design:

While we ponder over these real-life paradoxes, we then explore the 21 fundamental principles of what is Design. For example, one of them is “Design is non-verbal communication.”

3. The Inward Revolution:

Each of these 21 design principles actually point to an inner truth. So “Design is non-verbal communication” points to our need to switch off the endlessly-chattering mind, enter a state of “No-Mind” and then respond from that zone. Easier said than done.

4. The Invocation:

As we go deeper and deeper into solving each design-challenge, we tap into various meditative techniques to find answers which are far beyond our ordinary mind, and that of ordinary ‘design-thinking’. Each meditative technique is carefullly chosen and is used in just the right context. Here you will find the most fun-filled, joyous methods of tasting meditation. Dancing. Singing. Whirling. Laughing. And a whole lot more. Creative people must meditate creatively!

5. Dhai Akhar Design Ka:

We finally seek the 2.5X factor in design. Here we learn how creativity descends into your design-solution through a leap of imagination into the unknown.

6. Design-Leela:

For Design to be true, it must have an immense quality of love, the joy of playfulness, and a great sense of celebration. But first, we must ourselves resonate strongly with these vibes.

7. The Melting:

You feel you inner transformation through the door of gratitude. What you were when you started, you could not have found the answer. The ego of the ‘creator’ disappears. Only when you get out of your own way, your design shines through.

8. Go To The Markeplace:

Test and validate your idea in the marketplace. And more than that, your own transformation.

Who Can Participate:


From any background, under-graduate onwards. All are welcome. Need not have any demonstrative creative skills. No technical skills, or management skills, or any other kind of professional or vocational skills are required either. If you do have any type of such skills, you will find the workshop unlocks deeper levels of creativity within you.

You must have an open mind and a receptive heart, and be willing to explore light, fun-filled meditative techniques.

Former Participants:

Those who have attended any of my earlier workshops on Design will love this one and so must attend. As such, you will find this one qualitatively different. It is filled with the love, romance and mysticism of Design. It focusses on you, and does away with the need to author any artwork.



What You Take Home:

What you seek is seeking you. First you learn the Eight-fold Path of Design and learn how to apply it successfully through a few group and individual exercises and design-challenges from life.

The path. You also learn creative, juicy techniques of meditation that help you:

Dissolve stress

Calm your mind

Seek peace

Fight depression and bring joy

Make you more creative

The Five Dimensions. You then bring your focus to each of the five dimensions of your life:





Inner Growth

Identify either the top-most and new challenge you face, or a goal you wish to achieve, in each one of these areas. You then accept these as design challenges and apply the Eight-fold Path of Design to each, with the help of the facilitator and when appropriate, the energy, support, and collaboration of the group. As your creativity awakens, you will start finding the path that will eventually lead you to solutions and answers. Some of you might just go home with creative solutions to your problems you never thought possible. Others might even achieve breakthroughs in quite a few already.

Facilitator – Niyam Bhushan

Niyam Bhushan is an Osho disciple since 1980. He loves Osho, and has been meditating since the late 1970s. His Osho sannyas-name is Swami Chaitanya Niyam. This workshop is the outpouring of his love and gratitude towards his Master, and is inspired by the vision of Osho.

Niyam Bhushan is also one of India’s leading design-thinkers. This workshop is the flowering of his more than 30 years of work as a leading nationally and internationally-recognized creative professional in design. His work straddles print, graphics, video, sound, music, digital design, web, mobile, apps, user-interface, user-experience, color, typography, and more. In his diverse creative specializations, he has consulted with clients like Apple, Adobe, Intel, Google, Xerox, Living Media, Dorling Kindersley, and dozens more.

Niyam loves teaching design, and also been a visiting faculty with National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), School of Convergence (SoC), and delivered talks, seminars, and workshops across academia in India.

Currently, Niyam is kickstarting a revolution in design across India, to bring design-consciousness within the country. In less two years, he has conducted 30 workshops on design across 8 locations in India, and mentored around 100 startups and various corporates through design and design-think.

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Event Details

Start Date: 20th Aug, 9.30 AM

End Date: 21st Aug, 5.30PM

Contact Person:- Roshni

Phone: +91 9717469268