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TENxLIVE is a leading digital marketing consulting company in India and we specialize in implementing successful marketing strategies. We help SMEs, Corporates, and Start-ups build their brands and grow their business.
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 TENxLIVE Network is a leading marketing consulting firm in India and we specialise in implementing successful marketing strategies. We help SMEs, Corporates, and Start-ups build their brands and grow their business.We provide the solution for any strategic marketing issues, related to company's marketing strategies, growth, consumer insights or branding.

We provide all the services for different strategic marketing needs. We have highly qualified & experienced marketing professionals in our team. Their experience and expertise ensure our clients get an implementable, cost-effective and result-oriented solution.

We help you with our market strategies after identifying market opportunities and insights about your product/services, industry, competitors, and customer.

Our Objective is

  • Suggesting cost effective solution
  • Keeping client's information confidential
  • Keeping client's interest ahead of our own
  • Delivering values more than expected by clients

How we help our clients

1- Market Assessment

Before penetrating the existing market or plunging into a new market with existing products or new products it is our priority to identify the opportunities available that can be grabbed for business growth. We help our customers identify market opportunities by providing practical insights into industry, competitors, and customer. Using these insights it is easier to take strategic decision related to market entry, resource planning, product development, pricing, supply chain, competitive strategy, sales target and other marketing issues.

2 - Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is most important business strategy and plays an essential role in the growth of any company. Marketing strategy determines what should be offered and to whom and when it should be offered, at what price, how to position it, and how to attract people more effectively to achieve overall business goals.We develop Marketing Strategy for our clients which includes,
Customer Insights & Segmentation, Positioning, Product, Pricing, Integrated Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing, Distribution & Sales, Customer Service, Product Launch, Marketing Organization and Implementation Schedule.

3- Growth Strategy

In competitive business environment, sustainable growth is one of the biggest challenge for every business. To tackle this challenge, it is unavoidable for marketers to seek for the growth opportunities outside and within the environment. At different stages of market lifecycle, the business dynamics poses different opportunities and challenges, which can be leveraged with the new/existing product or new/existing market. We help clients identify and prioritize growth opportunities to increase overall profitability by recommending most profitable and feasible way of growth such as:
  • Expanding into new geographic markets
  • Developing new product within category
  • Adding new product outside category
  • Increase market share in existing markets


4 - Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing is an Integral part of overall marketing strategy at present time of digital technologies. With the rapid change in technology and rise of digital channels and social media, marketers faces challenges to optimize and choose their digital channels and assets that can drive the visitor traffic but also turn users into customers and brand advocates.

TENxLIVE helps clients overcome such challenges and achieving objectives by developing and implementing digital marketing strategies that include

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Website and App Design

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Remarketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Referral Marketing


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TENxLIVE can help you reach your target audience through various different mediums and channels. TENxLIVE can generate traffic by directly promoting the website among bloggers, journalist, PR persons, news aggregators, search marketing, news distribution partnership, direct online customers, and search engines. TENxLIVE will also help you with PR distribution by posting your news on other popular free PR distribution websites. You can also avail Paid service with the direct manual posting of your news link to services that will guarantee an increase in the number of potential customers.


 TENxLIVE network is a digital marketing consultancy specializing in various digital marketing techniques including press release distribution and writing. TENxLIVE offers both paid and free distribution service. TENxLIVE is also a free press release submission website to connect PR professionals with the journalists. Internet marketers can generate visibility in media and maximize online presence by distributing PR through TENxLIVE network.
Both Press Release firms and internet marketers can take advantage of free PR distribution service to reach target readers or potential customers through various news channels. News posted on TENxLIVE network can reach online media channels, print media outlets, Google News, blogs and search engines. A search engine optimized PR will also help your company gain more online authenticity and credibility among search engines, which will result in better page rank and eventually more search traffic to the site.
TENxLIVE offers you a single-window solution for all your communications needs. Whether you are a mid-sized or small firm or you are one of leading brand, we can help you get your message to hundreds of online publications and media outlets across India. TENxLIVE  works hard to make PR Distribution and Directory Submission an easy process of a click-of-the-button and gives you more time to focus on issues which are of greater importance strategically.


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TENxLIVE Network is a digital marketing company based in Noida, India.  We offer services like Press Release Distribution, paid press release submission and free press release submission. We provide SEO services to help you get more traffic on your Website and improve your ranking in search engines. The company has established a team of experienced people that specializes in services like WordPress template optimization,  Google analytic implementation, page speed optimization, keyword search and much more.

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